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In addition to standard courses IDIP also organizes photo expeditions or specialized tours for small groups of amateur photographers. Expedition is a completely unique combination of learning about new places with a group of great people and learning about photography with the support of an experienced instructor. Unlike common courses our expeditions offer purely practical shooting instead of theory.

It doesn't matter if you are just starting with photography, or you are an experienced photo fan. You will always receive adequate support and assistance. You will experience an extraordinary photographic adventure.

We are organizing photographic expeditions since 2004 and since then they have become very popular for photographers who seek photographic self-improvement. Every year we offer a varied range of interesting locations where you can shoot photos like never before.

Why IDIP expedition?

  • No matter how much experience you have with photography, you are given individual interpretation and help from an experienced instructor.
  • Unlike regular tours there is always enough time for photography and creative work on our expeditions.
  • IDIF offers high-technically and organizationally secured trips with emphasis on the specific needs of photographers.
  • We travel in small groups (8-14 people) usually with a pair of instructors = a great group of people.
  • On each expedition you have the opportunity to consult your work with instructors and your colleagues.

How to enroll to an expedition?

  1. Choose your expedition early enough and book it: Number of participants is very limited and interest is very high. Therefore don't leave the reservation at the last minute. Expeditions are often booked even six months before they are implemented. Usually we are able to provide for you 1 to 2 weeks non-binding reservation.
  2. Make sure you selected the right expedition and the right date: We are happy to answer all of your questions and consult everything you need by phone, email or in person. We will explain what to expect from the expedition and what not to expect. We will also explain how the expeditions are organized and we will show you the photos you can bring from the expedition.
  3. Enroll to an expedition: The application and the travel contract are necessary formalities that will provide legal protection and guarantees for you. Expeditions are organized by our own travel agency CK IDIF s.r.o. The travel agency is insured against bankruptcy at ECP (European Travel Insurance). We also provide travel insurance for each participant for free and we also offer optional cancellation insurance.

Each client has individual service

  1. An expedition can be adjusted for you: For an extra fee you can request to ensure the plane ticket upgrade, single room, special diet or extension of stay.
  2. Individual journey by your demands: Is there any destination you really desire that is missing in our offer? Do you want to prepare a special experience for your friends, colleagues, clients or family? We will prepare a journey especially for you according to your requirement.

Contact us

If you are interested in any details of the expeditions, you want to book a seat or to sign up to participate, contact us by email or phone + 420 722 962 041.


Expedition to Indonesia

20. září 2012, 17.44 | Indonesia and particularly Komodo islands are places where we are very pleased to return. This archipelago offers an incredibly wide variety of photographic opportunities - lush tropical vegetation, rice fields, picturesque fishing villages, active volcanoes, friendly residents who will let you take pictures of them and of course Komodo Varano,




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